There are several misconceptions concerning Ramadan due to ignorance and to behaviors that may confuse. So to clarify :

  • Ramadan is not a season of sleeping

On the contrary we shorten our sleep by doing night prayers, Quran reading as our god, swt, told us there are blessings for true believers into the last part of the night.

  • Ramadan is not a Netflix season

It can be a TV time if the aim is to watch beneficial religious programs for the whole family.

ramadan and tv 

  • Ramadan is not a holiday season

    when people can relax and do nothing all day long.

Even if some people do so, Muslims all around the world go to school, at work. In Muslims countries where the weather is very hot, they facilitate things and allow people to leave work earlier during the hot days. 

  • Ramadan is not a cooking season

    Hard to believe as Ramadan recipes blogs or social accounts are the number 1 in terms of followers.

    Let’s say that it is a cultural misconception. We are fasting to feel the pain of poverty so all humans poor or rich during Ramadan are equal in physical conditions, so the aim is not to spend the night eating nor to spend 2 or 3 times more in food but to increase in charity.

    The objective is to detached our mind/soul from the wordly affairs and be more concentrated on knowing our lord and getting closer to him. Our religion teaches that for some of us there will be no gain in blessings during Ramadan but will only feel hungriness and thirst. But by cultural habits we tend to treat ourselves more once we break our fast with biscuits, soups, all sorts of samosas, bricks, fatayas instead of being reasonable.

     ramadan iftar recipes

    That’s why nowadays many Ramadan planners and binge cooking programs for Ramadan are developing so that Muslim women can cook in advance most of the food they will plan to eat during that month.

    The aim is for her to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with her family or with her worships. All this for peaceful, stressless Ramadan which is supposed after all to be the month of Peace, As-Salaam.

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