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A beautiful, chic gift card to celebrate any occasion : baby shower, Aqiqah, wedding, Nikkah, diploma, birthdays…

Gifting is Sunnah : "Give gifts to one another for this would increase your mutual love” said prophet Muhammad pbuh.

This e-card gift is for you if :

  • you want to gift something special different and know that your loved ones will find something unique on Deenchic’s store
  • You want a nice, beautiful card and the selection bought with the gift card being beautifully wrapped
  • You know that she/he has already everything so you want him/her to choose something that will truly be appreciated


Description :

They are valid 1 civil year from the date the card has been gifted.

You will receive an email with your digital card code that you can send to anyone.

Gift e-cards can’t be returned or refunded nor can we give you the cash back of what remains on it if not used before the expiration date.

If your purchase exceeds the amount of the gift card you may be asked to enter your credit card details for age control and to pay the difference.

For bulk orders or corporate bulk orders please send an email at info@deenchic.com .