Ramadan Mubarak wooden wall art
Ramadan Mubarak wooden wall art
Ramadan Mubarak wooden wall art

Ramadan Mubarak wooden wall art

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Decorate your home for the Blessed month of Ramadan with this trendy and chic Ramadan Mubarak wooden wall art. Beautifully handcrafted and colored in gold it will give this sophisticated and ultra-modern look to your living space.

The high quality letters sign comes in large size which allows to have a generous effect on your wall decoration. The Ramadan Mubarak wall art is made from wood which is always chic and fits with every interior decoration style.

Just the right amount of gold to sparkle your interior and yet discreet enough to let you concentrate on your daily Askar.

You can hang the sign everywhere :

  • In your living space as a wall decoration
  • In a dedicated Ramadan praying corner
  • Around your kids’ Deenchic Ramadan Calendar
  • In your entrance, above your fireplace

Advice :

Ramadan is the month of lights, of Noor, within your heart, your home, and within the masjid during late night prayers.

Embellish your golden letters sign with Deenchic fairy lights. Switch on the lights just before Iftar. You will have the right festive atmosphere. Minimalist, elegant, timeless…

The Ramadan Mubarak wall art is part of Ramadan and Eid beauties and essentials for modern homes.

For a greater effect, you can pair the sign with Deenchic black and gold hanging lantern. The possibilities are endless.

The letters sign is lovingly handcrafted by talents from the Ummah here in Europe so there may be some little differences.

Change you interior and offer the perfect gift to your loved ones.


Dimensions and materials : 7.87x33.46 et 7.87x34.65 inches in gold wood, 20x85 cm for Ramadan, 20x88cm for Mubarak

Origin : Europe

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