Tabaski Mubarak letters in gold foil balloons for Eid el Adha day

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What is the meaning of Tabaski Mubarak ?

Tabaski Mubarak means “Eid el Adha Mubarak”, a way of greeting “Eid Mubarak” in many Black African ethnicities from North-West Africa. They rarely say “Eid Mubarak”.

These words in balloons talk to our Black sisters and brothers of African origin ! May it be a little sign of inclusion, recognition and visibility within the Muslim market and community in general. Let’s concrete actions replace the sweet words.

Tabaski, this year, will be chic and elegant with Deenchic Gold Foil “Tabaski Mubarak” Balloons. Show to the world that Eid is a major day prepared weeks in advance across all Africa for centuries !

  • High quality Gold metallic foil balloons
  • 16 inches height
  • 14 letters balloons ‘’Tabaski Mubarak”
  • Inflate by air : straw included in your set
  • Ribbon to hang the letters included in your set
  • Deal with gentle care to reuse for other celebrations

Advice :

 “Tabaski Mubarak” on 1 line or on 2 lines, the choice is yours.

Give a cultural touch to your celebration with this Tabaski decorative set or offer it to your parents and friends.

If you are Black African Muslim or from any European country and traditionally use different words to wish a good Eid to people, let us know. Send us an email or comment nicely on our Facebook and Instagram @deenchic. Your local expression might be the next one in our catalog.

“Tabaski Mubarak” is now part of Eid’s classics, essentials and must-haves.


Origin : Asia